Note for recruiters, I appreciate any interest in me and by all means, add me as a contact on Linked In but do note I am now a full-time carer and am not in a position to take on any roles at the moment. I am keeping myself very busy in terms of side projects in order to keep fresh so feel free to check out my GitHub account or profiles.


I am now a full-time carer but until recently have been head of infrastructure and operations, a full stack software engineer and a devops engineer.

With a wealth of technical skills and natural passion for technology I am also Microsoft certified.

A lover of C# but not tied exclusively to the Microsoft stack and have enjoyed writing some cloud automation code in both Python and Node.js.

Currently, I am a big fan of the .NET Core cross-platform development platform and am taking an interest in Blazor WebAssembly.

I write code in Visual Studio Code, Sublime Text and the full Microsoft Visual Studio IDE. I also like to switch between macOS, Windows and Linux for development.

I enjoy full stack development, devops and cloud-based work and am enjoying writing front end code in VueJS.

Commercially I have worked with the Amazon Web Services stack and using various technologies have thrived in providing startups with a scalable continuous deployment architecture and delivered proof of concept, prototype applications and innovate software solutions.

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Inspired by wes bos here is a list of what I use to do what I do;

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