Some minor tweaks with Jekyll

I do have a blog post roadmap but each post idea does involve a level of research and thought and seeing as it is 2:30am here in the UK and lets just say I wanted a quick post created on my mobile phone involving little thinking.

I have made a few minor tweaks to to this website. Firstly each post when listed on the home page used ro render the entire post and not a snippet or teaser which in Jekyll speak is excerts.

However all being well, This paragraph will not be on the home page.

So, I used Jekyll variables and used the strip html function and a truncate words setting to show some teasers/snippets/excerts.

An advantage of this is less html page weight on the home page and especially on mobile devices allows the user to scan articles.

Tags and Categories I think were also not setup correctly. That should now be fixed and allows me in future to create a page or search function based on tags or categories.

Finally as I imported all my content from blogger one issue I had was posts that were originally created by a feed reader that added tbe pipe charachter in the title causing display issues and to fix you either have to escape it or remove it as its a reserved character.

The post titles were used on the Archive page which for now lists all posts.

Finally this post written just before sleep and direct in markdown and not spellchecked.