Deleting nearline storage via gsutil

In order to save some cash after seeing some recurring Google invoices for their nearline storage buckets prompted me to realise that I was paying for storage that was essentially just a test of what I at the time considered to be a match for Amazon’s S3 and Glacier storage.

Now they do have a nice console web app and an iOS app to manage these but attempts at deleting my buckets of data did not work.

Probably due to the size of the storage.

So, a quick search and I found they have a CLI SDK which would enable me to run a delete command from the Mac Terminal.

The following are instructions for Mac but the docs should cover others including windows.

Welcome! This command will take you through the configuration of gcloud.

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$ gsutil rm -r gs://INSERT-NAME-OF-BUCKET/

And this is what you should see :

alt text