New website

So, I have had a blog for quite a long time and have hosted it on various platforms such as Posterous, Passle, Amazon AWS S3 and finally ended up on Blogger.

I have also hosted it under various domain names before settling on the one you are on now.

I decided to refresh the website and blog and wanted to have control of my content so I decided to import my blogger posts with Jekyll and am storing the content in Git and it’s currently being hosted via GitHub pages.

The Blogger platform despite the nice iOS app is a little dated so I wanted a nice refresh and fast static site so I am really happy with being able to write new blog posts in any text editor I like using the Markdown syntax and just use git push when I have generated the site the new post via Jekyll.

All in all, I am very happy so far.


About this site

Some facts about the setup of this website include:

Learn more and contribute on about the theme on GitHub.

Have questions or suggestions? Feel free to open an issue on GitHub or ask me on Twitter.