Amazon Workspaces

So during an insomniac night I had a play with Amazon’s new workspaces feature that provides a fully managed virtual desktop experience fully controlled from their web based console.
Being a long term but ex windows guy now I am quite interested in the possibilities of pay as you go and more active directory linked virtualised machines now provided by Amazon for testing and one off tasks but the value for everyone from one man operations to something much larger are clear.
They have a very good Workspaces intro
With more detailed information available
So using the closet data centre to me I created a workspace using the web console by providing a username and email address and about 20 minutes later it was provisioned and I got the intro email with all the information I needed to connect to my instance.
Amazon Workspaces
Once I followed the instructions and entered the password I got to download the client from this page
Various Clients
Being on a mac I downloaded and installed the mac installer and was soon connected to a very fast desktop client machine.
A very nice experience indeed Not the most complete test but it is very late and I am very tired right now. More later on this new and shiny feature.