Microsoft Remote Desktop for Mac

So while I wait for the latest Xamarin Studio to install and a remote windows machine to restart I thought I would test out Byword as I am a huge Markdown fan and use it for all text that isn't code although that's possible too.

I use IA Writer, Mou, Day One and now I am trialling ByWord as it hooks into Blogger and Wordpress and a few more.

Byword Publishing

I use a Mac these days but for 12 years I was a Microsoft Guy and still need to use Microsoft machines and up until now I have been using the old version that looks like this

Old Microsoft Remote Desktop

It sort of worked but now I am using the latest version it's a treat to use. Especially on a Thunderbolt display, Go get it now!

I’ll leave the links up to the reader to google as my machines should have restarted now and Xamarin has updated!

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