Amazon Web Services launches mobile push notifications [feedly]

Amazon add another feature that keeps them so far ahead in cloud computing. Yes the others are catching up but to launch a production site or service I would seriously have to look at the requirements and cost to think about not using them.
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Amazon Web Services launches mobile push notifications

AWS improved their mobile services with push notification service

Amazon Web Services reinforces its mobile presence by launching Simple Notification Service (SNS), allowing developers to push and manage notifications to Apple iOS and Android devices from a single API.

The real innovation here is the ability to develop push notifications for multiple platforms via one single API. Before Simple Notification Service, push notifications on the main mobile platforms were sent by OS-specific services built into the apps themselves. This is because Apple, Google and Amazon use different relay services to push their notifications on their own platforms.

Developers had to integrate these specific relay-services on each platform to answer to their customers' needs. This way of doing things was time and cost consuming.

Amazon just provided an answer to an important bottleneck for mobile developers today: having to integrate push notifications multiple times depending on the platform used. Moreover, SNS can also be helpful for the daily-basis push notification management. Before SNS, developers had to manage each platform separately in order to send a new notification. This operation was laborious. Now, mobile developers can push notifications on iOS, Android and Amazon from a single API.

Furthermore, the cost of this service is very attractive for mobile developers: Amazon has indicated SNS can be used to send up to one million notifications per month without incurring any cost. Over a million notifications, it costs $1.00 to send one million mobile notifications (every million messages published costs $.50, and $.50 for every million messages delivered). Compare this with popular push notification provider Urban Airship, which pushes the first million messages free but charges $0.001 per message afterwards (or $1,000 per million).

Amazon's SNS supports the most popular mobile operating systems with Android and iOS, but what about Windows Phone? Nothing has been said for now about the mobile OS developed by the Redmond-based company. However, it's very likely that Amazon releases an update in the next months to integrate this OS as it still represents 3% of the worldwide smartphone market share.

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