Why Chromecast is no replacement for Apple TV...yet! [feedly]

   The main reason for me is I cannot get hold of one for that price in the UK.
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Why Chromecast is no replacement for Apple TV...yet!

Google Chromecast might well be an exciting new product, and it might well only cost $35, but there's still some inherent let downs and frustrations for early adopters. Particularly it seems, streaming live YouTube events to your Google dongle is a no-go area right now. Android Central Forums member danrad55 writes:

I was looking for some help "Chromecasting" the LIVE Lollapalooza Concert from Chicago with my new Google Chromecast via Youtube as promised, but no luck. Yesterday it wouldn't play so I thought that because it was new, they were having some start up issues. Today the concert plays better but no Chromecast. Anyone else have the same issue? It plays other feeds, Netflix beautifully. I decided to plug in my Apple TV and try streaming using my iPad 2. Perfect. I have tried using my PC and Samsung S4 to no avail. Bummed and disappointed and sadly, I have to admit that at this point the Apple System is kicking ass. Anyone here know how to stream the Live feed. Thanks in advance.

We're not ripping on the Chromecast here, because truth told, we're excited to see what it brings to the table in the coming months. But, YouTube is a Google product, and it seems in some aspects it isn't working well with other Google products. Yet in strolls the Apple TV and AirPlay to rescue danrad55 in his hour of need. Sure, licensing and such may well be an issue, but it's still good to see that the Apple TV is packing where and when it matters.

So, have any of you guys taken the plunge with Chromecast yet, and if so, have you encountered any early frustrations? Be sure to drop us a line in the comments, and with your Mobile Nations Passport, jump into the discussion in the Android Central Forums!

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