CodeStock 2013 Wrap-up [feedly]

CodeStock presentation about and testing using the good chaps at app harbour and their plugin Eco system.
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CodeStock 2013 Wrap-up

I had a blast at CodeStock 2013 this past weekend. I met a lot of cool people, attended some great sessions, and got to hang out with some good friends.

I presented two sessions this year. "Testing Everything for ASP.NET MVC Applications" illustrated three types of testing using three different frameworks. This was indeed a fast-paced talk. In hindsight, I think I covered way too much material for a 70 minute presentation, but hopefully I succeeded in covering the main points of each framework.

"ASP.NET MVC in the Cloud with AppHarbor" took a simple ticketing system into the cloud by using a variety of AppHarbor add-on services. We also learned that Commander Riker does not sit down like a normal man. I very much enjoyed presenting this session.

Both presentations used the same sample application. You can find the slides from the presentations here, and the code for the Heroic Support sample application here. If you'd like to see these presentations, let me know. I may break these sessions down and present them via YouTube at a later date.