IFTTT goes mobile, wants to do your Internet heavy lifting for you [feedly]

Built a little prototype with this a little while ago to help automating bits of our stack. Didn't finish it of course but this might just jog me into finishing off!
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IFTTT goes mobile, wants to do your Internet heavy lifting for you

IFTTT (If This Then That) has been trying to automate your Internet life via the browser for a while now, but the service has finally gone mobile with the launch of their first app for iPhone. In addition to the ton of services that IFTTT already supports, bringing it to the iPhone opens up three new channels for users, by allowing integration with the iOS Reminders app, as well as Contacts and Photos.

The basic premise behind IFTTT is creating simple 'recipes' as they call them, based on two sets of parameters to automate processes. For example, if I take a photo in Instagram, then upload that photo to my SkyDrive. Automation for the Internet, but without the scary parts. Each channel – of which there are many – has some preloaded recipes for you to put to work, but you can also create your own to suit your needs then share it with the world.

The app itself is pretty slick, and really nicely designed. I'm a new user of the service, so I popped a few test recipes in there to see what happened, and so far, so good. To put it to good work, I've asked it to upload my Instagram pictures to SkyDrive, which is working like a charm, and I've got a bunch of "Email me when..." circumstances that seem to be going well too. Give it a try by grabbing the iPhone app from the App Store now, and drop your favorite recipes into the comments below for us all to try!