What Do You Want to Happen at Your Funeral? [feedly]

Now this is a subject very close to my heart having been to my fathers funeral many many years ago to cancer and my mothers current illness and time spent in hospital.

When you care for an elderly relative and things seem to be going against you do have to discuss things like funeral arrangements and as upsetting as they are it does make you think. 

So this conversation has already happened between my mother and I and we both have agreed to donate our bodies to the NHS or the max power bar NHS if the Tories get their way. 

What this means is that mum, myself or indeed anyone in my life when dealt with the grief of losing someone doesn't have to deal with the practical,financial or emotional side of a funeral. instead the NHS and student doctors and researchers get to cut and slash and study any bit of us.

Sounds awful but we both like the idea that someone in trouble has a better chance of living because they have real doners with real conditions and that's a good legacy to leave we think. 

It also leaves no expensive funeral that society deems appropriate. grieve how you want.

Yes a depressing post but this post reminded me of what's already been arranged.

Think about it. help your NHS and your death could help someone else live. I would be proud to know that in death I helped some poor other sod live.

Ok more nerdy and comedy posts from now on!
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What Do You Want to Happen at Your Funeral?

Nobody wants to sit around thinking about their funeral, but that doesn't mean we don't sometimes. So, we want hear it, if you could plan the entire thing, what would happen at your funeral?