Mac OSX Mountain Lion Time Machine Backup to NAS slow over Ethernet

Now this has happened to me enough times that it needs to be blogged about so that when I suffer with it again I can come back to these hacks to try and resolve it again.

So on Friday evening I started off my Time Machine back up and today Saturday evening it had only backed up 1.5GB of the 13GB I wanted it to.

24 hours should be plenty to back this amount of data up!

My setup is as follows:
macbook specs

So in order to fix this I tried the following, one of these worked. No idea which one although I suspect the reboot into safe mode then restart is the magic here.
  • Open a command prompt and type without quotes "sudo tmdiagnose" and wait for it to complete.
  • In a web browser open up http://mybooklive.local and login to the western digital drive.
  • Turn off the twonky media service if you don't use it.
  • Turn off remote access if you do not need it.
  • Turn off the energy saver checkbox so the hard disk does not go to sleep.
  • Reboot the western digital drive just in case. if in doubt turn things off then back on again.
  • Ensure your mac is not indexing the local disk by checking spotlight. if it is wait for it to finish.
  • And now I think the magic. shutdown your mac via the apple logo then after a minute....
  • Turn on the mac holding down the shift key so that it boots into safe mode.
  • Stare at the screen for a while then reboot your mac.
  • Start time machine backup again. 
And then to my relief my time machine backup over ethernet process zoomed along and I saw this screen within about an hour which is much more acceptable.


Now all I need to work out is to back up my Western Digital NAS to Amazon's Glacier storage. I think I'll leave that for another weekend...