Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Beta

Last night I downloaded the latest beta version of the amazing Visual Studio IDE’s and I must say it looks amazing and is looks very different than any that have come before it.

One of my minor niggles with all previous versions was the lack of multi-monitor support but the latest beta from Microsoft is the first version to offer this support and so far the results are excellent.

Having an entire monitor free to display a page of code without any clutter while having all my Solution Explorer , Properties and Class View windows available and docked on the second monitor (along with more code windows if needed) will be an great productivity boost.

There are lots of new features to play with and I shall blog about them one by one as I get to know them more but the first thing I will say is how nice it looks in Windows 7. The start-up and performance seems good for now. Certainly no slower than VS2008. The UI was apparently written in WPF which is the first commercial application that I have seen that has been written in WPF.

That’s enough for this post as I have a couple of projects that I am working on that I can test this new version on as well as testing out a few “File New” projects.

Download Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Beta now.

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