Users Stories, BDD and Rediscovering Business Benefits

On a project I worked on recently the team used the SCRUM methodology for building the software.

Scrum is just one of the many flavours of agile software development and for the most part it worked really well.

The easy side of any agile project for me are all the good things such as getting the development tree setup in source control, getting a continuous integration server working and practicing techniques such as TDD with tools such as NUnit, TestDriven.NET, RhinoMocks, Selenium and NAnt.

What wasn't quite as easy for the team was the writing of user stories, these are better than BDUP specification documents but are still not a walk in the park to get right.

This is still something that I try and continue to improve my knowledge on and a couple of articles I've read today that have a slightly different take on user story writing than I've previously read.

music note While writing this, I was listening to "Web 2.0 - Part 2 of 3" by ThoughtWorks