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Senior Web Developer


AngloINFO is the world’s leading online English language website for expatriates living abroad.  It was founded in 2000 on the French Riviera and now has 56 local sites around the world in 18 countries as well as 16 national sites and a worldwide site.  It has a number of sites under development and it is the intention to continue to grow to 100 live regional sites in 42 countries by December 2012.

AngloINFO currently serves over 60 million monthly pageviews to over two million visitors and, based on historical growth patterns, this can be expected to reach 200 million monthly pageviews reaching 10 million users by the end of 2012.

Our large and loyal consumer base is driven by our highly-focused and relevant  editorial content which has consistently driven growth across regions regardless of competitive environment and it is expected to continue to do so.

The core international business model is a franchise model with local franchisees running operations in most of our regions although 20 of our existing sites are managed by our central team using freelancers.  AngloINFO has offices in Wallingford (Nr Oxford) and La Colle sur Loup (nr Nice, France).

AngloINFO is now looking to hire a Senior Web Developer  in our UK office reporting to the Head of Engineering to work on website development projects.


AngloINFO has a home-grown suite of business management software that enables content management of the front end user site through to backoffice CRM and financial management platform.
The platform has been built over the previous ten years on a mix of technologies and it is now time to rebuild and rationalize onto two key platforms.
The front end user site will be completely re-written into a LAMP environment and the BackOffice is moving from part ASP (classic) and ASP.NET to being all written in .NET.
The ideal candidate will be a web enthusiast who has no problem interacting with different code bases throughout the working day. They must be able to show an aptitude for innovative but scalable use of open source technologies.  A strong knowledge of web standards is essential as is an understanding of usability and accessibility standards.

Key Responsibilities


Day to day web development duties across the whole of AngloINFO's product suite and Backoffice environment
Take part in the general IT overhead created by a growing company
Understand AngloINFO’s business model and ambitions, strategically and culturally
Work in close conjunction with other members of the Technology Group to ensure that AngloINFO’s technology meets that standards required to serve and the growing user base.


Previous Experience

The candidate will be able to show experience of working on a number and variety of live projects with a mix of back end and front end technology.
You will be able to work independently and across a variety of platforms and code bases moving seamlessly through code styles and implimentations.
Experience with LAMP and .NET is highly desirable.

Skills and Technologies

  • Proficient in PHP to a intermediate/advanced standard
  • Strong knowledge of ASP.NET, using C#
  • Strong knowledge of JavaScript, HTML, CSS
  • Knowledge of ASP classic and the ability to understand VB code.
  • SQL and MySQL, must be able to display a knowledge of SQL and be proficient in using MySQL
  • Have a knowledge of AJAX type programming and applications
  • Display knowledge of Open Source platforms such as WordPress
  • Excellent understanding of server-side programming and comfortable in a multi server and multi platform environment
  • Must write efficient code with documentation
  • Can read and take over code written by others
  • Desirable Technologies

ASP (classic), .net, c#,, solr, Flash. Wordpress. PHPBB.

Personal Qualities

  • The ability to work independently whether in planning, managing, documenting or direct implementation.
  • Ability to evaluate and manage priorities and not get bogged down in unproductive detail.
  • Focused on delivering results to schedule and on budget
  • Imaginative in tackling challenges and problems.
  • Constantly on the watch for ways of solving problems to budget and to schedule.
  • Empathy towards the culture of the company.
  • Energy, enthusiasm and flexibility

Location:  Wallingford, Oxfordshire.
Remuneration: Competitive Market rate

My old boss is recruiting. A fantastic chap to work for. Worked with him for around 5 years. Good fun and gives the right level of support and hands off management.

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